Travel Warning

1. How to cross road:
  1. Be relaxed and self-confident
  2. Look two ways or keep an eye on the drivers and road ways
  3. Keep the speed and walk slowly
  4. Never step back
2. How to get away from pushy vendors (It isn’t nice but it is what you need to do!):
  1. Do not touch anything if you do not want to buy it
  2. Do not talk or smile to them
  3. Keep walking away
3. How to bargain in the markets/streets:
  1. Check the item(s) carefully before buying
  2. Ask for the price/rate
  3. Say 20 - 50% off for what they say, and then negotiate for the best rate you can
4. How to get away from the street risks:
  1. Should not walk alone on the street after 23:00
  2. Should not bring your passport(s) when going outside, secure it in your room
  3. Do not wear too much valuable jewelry or you will become a target
  4. Put your bags, backpacks, belongings and cameras in front of you when you are in crowd
  5. Be careful if you are in the night market, there may have some pick pockets
  6. Be careful using your cell-phone when on the street
5. Be careful of the scam travel agents on the street):

6: To make your Sapa trip is more comfortable:

You should leave your big lugguage in Hanoi and just take hand luggage for a few days and have only the minimal because  the train cabin is small and you have to moving a lot around at station.